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C.S.I.D – Q & A WITH TOR 27.11.2015


If you were on lunch duty for the studio, what would you be dishing up?

Wednesday marks the delivery of hot sourdough fresh from the oven of a dear friend of mine. Topped with avocado and salt.

Your sure fire trick for opening up a space?

When in doubt, paint everything white.

What would we find on the walls in your home?

An eclectic mix of artwork, each a memory of a special time or place. I also like to have pieces that don’t necessarily belong on the wall like an antique croquet set I picked up at auction.

Most prized possession and why?

Tough one! I guess I “possess” my husband and children so obviously that is my most prized. But if we’re talking tangible, I’d have to say the ring my husband gave to me for our 15 year anniversary when we were holidaying in Paris.

Your trick to abating George when he is being a little bit too needy in the studio? 

Poor George :( – Divert his attention with a walk outside to search for sticks and chase birds.

What is your pre-work morning routine?

 My mornings are pretty busy and start early getting the kids off to sport training and music practice. If I’m feeling energetic, I’ll either do the Brisbane River walk or go to the gym. After walking the dogs and getting the homefront under control, I’ll drop by Buzz Cafe at Emporium for a cappuccino before heading into work.

In one sentence, why interior design?

Your home is a reflection of your personality. I love a space that feels comfortable and welcoming – A sanctuary to love your family and welcome your friends.

Best shop for the home?

I love fossicking around antique shops finding interesting pieces. One of my favourites is Heath’s Oldwares and Collectables in Bungalow.

Best shop for the self?

Love a good kitchen shop – Taste at James Street.

Spots or stripes?

Definitely stripes.