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C.S.I.D Update – Q & A with Bec 13.11.2015


If you were on lunch duty for the studio, what would you be dishing up?

I would be ducking out to Botanica or The Golden Pig to pick up a salad for everyone!

Your sure fire trick for opening up a space?

It is amazing what a difference correct lighting can make – Rethinking the layout of a space to let more natural light in, changing heavy window coverings to sheers in spaces that don’t need to be blacked out and adding a decorative pendant, table or floor lamp to a space can make it feel so much more open.

What would we find on the walls in your home?

I am currently renting and am too scared to put anything on my walls in case I mark them! However, I do have a beautiful painting of a hydrangea that my very talented Mum did for me leaning up against a wall.

Most prized possession and why?

This is a tricky one! I have only just recently moved out so a lot of my furnishings are new and do not yet have memories associated with them to add sentimental value. However, my one splurge when moving out was a beautiful bone in-lay coffee table from West Elm!

Your trick to abating George when he is being a little bit too needy in the studio?

I am usually the disciplinary one – Taking away George’s toys until he settles down a bit.

What is your pre-work morning routine?

When I don’t sleep through my alarm – A morning run, coffee from The Hyde Out, breaky, shower, drop Cal at work and then off I go!

In one sentence, why interior design?

I have always been drawn to design but it wasn’t until I began working at CSID that I really began to appreciate the level of detail that goes into designing a space. It’s the little things that transform a space into something special.

Best shop for the home?

I seem to be in Kova Lifestyle every other weekend. Whether it is for myself or a gift for someone else, Kova have a unique selection of homewares that draws me in every time I am at James Street. I am also constantly scrolling Hunting for George for online finds!

Best shop for the self?

Zimmermann because of the fabrics and the detailing. Need I say more?

Spots or stripes?

I can’t go past a good stripe!