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C.S.I.D Update – Q & A with Claire 6.11.2015


If you were on lunch duty for the studio, what would you be dishing up?

I love a hearty salad – I often raid the studio fridge and chop up any left over vegetables and other bits and pieces to make up a salad.
If that fails, it’s a trip to Botanica or Busy Bees!

Your sure fire trick for opening up a space?

It is always interesting to remove all items from a space and start again with a fresh approach. I find by doing that you can de-clutter and remove items you don’t use but keep the things you love.

What would we find on the walls in your home?

We just bought a beautiful Robert Malherbe painting from Jan Murphy Gallery.

Most prized possession and why?

We have some vintage ‘pretzel’ chairs at home that my Grandfather gave to his parents when he married (how cool was he!)
They have always been in the family and I recently acquired them, had them recovered and now they sit in our living room as our ‘Summer chairs’.

Your trick to abating George when he is being a little bit too needy in the studio?

George needy? Not at all!!

What is your pre-work morning routine?

Exercise, coffee at Jamie’s, breakfast, get ready, get the mail, one more coffee and work! Very mundane but I love a good routine.

In one sentence, why interior design?

I have always been drawn to the smaller and more intimate scale of interiors and how spaces work together, which is how I have found myself in this industry.

Best shop for the home?

Living Edge is filled with beautiful furniture and accessories – Their new store is opening early next year and will be amazing.
Jardan is another favourite filled with modern Australian-made and designed furniture pieces and accessories.

Best shop for the self?

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a Scanlan and Theodore girl. Their clothes are classic and timeless pieces that can be worn again and agin.

Spots or stripes?