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C.S.I.D UPDATE – Q & A WITH LAURA 20.11.2015


If you were on lunch duty for the studio, what would you be dishing up?

Mexican fish tacos with homemade tortillas. If you get the right flour they’re ridiculously easy to make and you feel like a culinary superstar.

Your sure fire trick for opening up a space?

Good light quality and a soothing materials palette.

What would we find on the walls in your home?

Lots of art – My Mum’s, my Dad’s, my Sister’s, my own art, other artist’s work – You can never have too much art!

Most prized possession and why?

My Mum’s old drawing desk – It’s adjustable and enormous enough that I don’t risk knocking over my teacup with overly expressive arm gestures.

Your trick to abating George when he is being a little bit too needy in the studio? 

I don’t really have one. George has me wrapped around his cute little paw.

What is your pre-work morning routine?

 I try to get to a gym class most mornings, then inevitably I get home and realise none of my clothes are ironed so I’ll iron as I breakfast.

In one sentence, why interior design?

Interior design influences the functionality of our built environment and our emotional response to these spaces which, in turn, can completely change the way we live our lives.

Best shop for the home?

Is the shop where you would happily live in their showroom.

Best shop for the self?

The best shop for me would combine Australian pottery and other lovely decorative house pieces with a few beautiful dresses for me to wear on the weekend (and would play excellent music while I browse).

Spots or stripes?

Spots – Specifically little tiny spots that you only notice close up. It’s all in the detail!