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  • Noosa Apartment

    Nestled between Palm trees overlooking the Noosa River, it was easy to see the potential in this light-filled and moderately sized, albeit tired and dated apartment. To be used predominantly as a rental apartment and, occasionally, as a holiday home for the client and their family, the brief was to create a relaxed and comfortable space that still had an undercurrent of sophistication. Spatial planning was key as the client wished to incorporate a third bedroom into the design of the two-bedroom apartment without compromising on the size of the kitchen and living spaces as well as the natural light and ventilation available. While the original stucco ceiling was covered, other textured materials and furnishings were combined with soft blue hues and subtle touches of coral and black to create a modern take on the quintessential coastal apartment.

    Noosa – Queensland
    Photography – Toby Scott

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