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    With the requirements of a working office and the desire for a relaxed space that was an extension of the home – the design of our new studio was set to be a challenge from the outset. Faced with an office that was tired and dated, we worked to create a refreshing contemporary design that flowed as a whole, but contained separate areas suited for a cross section of our needs showcasing the diversity of our practice. While the studio needed to have character, it was essential that it remained minimal so to afford the opportunity of change when required. It was a tricky juxtaposition but one achieved when each team member began adding their own bits and pieces to their workspace. Knowing that we would spend so much of their week within, it was vital that elements of ‘the home’ be present and available. A full kitchen was installed – not only for meal times, but also to entertain when family, friends and clients called. The addition of the lounging area further adds softness to the studio and contributes further to the element of homeliness.

    Albion – Queensland.
    Photography – Toby Scott

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